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10 Mbps and 15mbps plans available and more call to see if your area can increase to these packages.


High Speed Wireless Package #1.

750k Wireless Package .

From $35.95 Month
Stream video, surf, check email.
Fast enough for the average user.


High Speed Wireless Package #2.

Residential Package #2.

2Mbps Package, allows for streaming videos, online game play, email, surfing and alot more. From $50 


High Speed Wireless Business Packages.

High Speed Business packages .

Packages Start at $89.95 month.
Speeds from 1.5mbs and up.
Stop paying for the Expensive T1 Line and get High Speed today at affordable Prices!!
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High Speed Wireless Packages

3 Meg Service $70

3 meg service fast enough for gaming , netflix and any of your internet surfing Unlimited Data

5 Meg Service $99.95

Fast enough for HD movies and all your gaming and surfing needs. Unlimited Data

Seasonal Packages

Pick your speed and only pay for 6 months service
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All our packages are a low latency unlimited internet service so you can game, watch movies, netflix, use skype, voip and facetime  if you choose to and not have the latency you get with Satellite and 4g services. typical latency is between 8ms to 65ms depending on your connection to the tower and internet abilities.